Unit 1/ 1273 The Horsley Drive, Wetherill Park

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Just like fitness should be an in integral part of your daily routine we see recovery to be just as important.


Our Zen Room and Parc Recovery Room is designed to give you the privacy you need to relax and recharge.


Our Zen Room is open to all PARC members and is great for those wanting a more of an intimate light workout session or just to simply stretch and zen out. Our Zen room is only open during office hours. 


Our Recovery Room is a private room available for hire. It is both open to PARC members and the public.  Along with the room you can choose between Recovery Pro’s recovery gun or Compex Muscle Stimulator for your choice of recovery. Our Recovery Room is fitted with chargeable outlets so you can use your laptop or tablet to catch up on work, recharge your phone, or to simply unwind, relax and recover.

This room can be occupied individually or in pairs for an hour at a time. 



Drop us a line or buzz us on 97560 1473.